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nav 10.1 corporate overinstall of 7.6 corporate - problems

Created: 27 Jul 2007 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
We recently upgraded from Nav 7.6 corporate to 10.1 corporate on a Windows 2000 SBS running  Terminal Services.  We used Symantec's documentation to do this. Their procedure is to:
 uninstall legacy Quarantine Console
 uninstall legacy System Center Console
 run a special .exe from their CD that relates to 'rolling' up the version - they clearly state
 not  to use the standard setup.exe in the root
 do various post-install routines in particular unlocking the server group
 Here's a record of our experience and the problems we now have:
 1) Our first step - uninstalling the Quarantine Console snap-in  Add/Remove programs didn't  work.  The uninstall seemed to be looking for the file in the wrong place. We located the file and tried  running it manually  - it told us that the program was already uninstalled. We decided to leave it as is.   Uninstall of System Center from Add/Remove programs went through smoothly.
 2) Continued with the install using special 'rollup' version of .exe as per documentation which  seemed to go smoothly.  After finishing we went into System Centre and noticed that the server  listed there was a server that had been decommissioned years earlier - it was not the name of  the  current server.  After a lot of hacking around we managed to delete the old server and then the old  group and created a new group and had the new server name recognized.
3) Still continued to have various problems - deploying to clients, etc. - so we did a repair  installation with the CD with the CD's autorun menu. First Installed System Center then Symantec Server  ,finally tried to install Quarantine, the last item didn't install.
 4) Repair seemed to go fine and all the major functions seem ok - liveupdate, scheduling
 scanning,  deploying to clients, etc. -  but we are left with the following problems:
a) in  System Center the status of the server seems to randomly fluctuate between being
activated  and deactivated. For example, we go into System Center and unlock the group, the server icon is 'blue' active. We  click on it - it goes 'red' inactive. Sometimes shutting down the console and restarting it gets  the System Centre activated; sometimes it takes several times of going in and going out before  it  becomes active. Have rebooted the server, cleared the System Center cache, run the discovery,  etc.  Nothing seems to change the basic random deactivation situation.
 b) Quarantine Console - we tried installing from CD but message comes up it is already installed  -  yet it's not present as far as we can tell.
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