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[NAV Corp.Ed. 7.61.935] Versio of Virus Definition File disappeared

Created: 21 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

It's a couple of days that the version information concerning the virus definition file is empty. I was used to see a date, there. Now it is blank. I launched LiveUpdate but there is no new virus definition file. It looks like NAV is up to date and works, but there is no way to get that date back. Any idea why? Thank you in advance.

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I am having the same problem at two different sites (2 entirely different companies).  Both are running Symantec AV Corp edition version 8.0 They both arose at the same time.  Did Symantec pull support for these versions or something? 
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And now I see also the RED universal NO icon on the NAV shield in quick tray. However it does not look related to real time protection. RTP is enabled. So I downloaded from Symantec site the latest virus definition file (20080122) and installed it. Installation was successful but still the version date does not appear in virus definition file info box, and the no icon is still there. I am really puzzled. Can anybody out of Symantec please help me? I am worried.

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Im seeing this also, and as others have stated, on unrelated sites. Definition dates/versions are no longer shown either in the client screen or within the server console.

Is this something related to SAV8.x no longer being supported?

Whilst support for SAV8.x may have ended, I see no reason to disable the displaying of definition dates etc. I now have to explain to several of my clients why legitimately purchased software is being restricted by Symantec. Is this some ploy to force upgrades, even though in the cases of my clients the updates arent needed?

I would appreciate a response from Symantec if the displaying of definition data has been disabled or tampered with as a result of of SAV8.x reaching the end of its support.

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i've got the same problem with corporate 7.60. Did anyone got a answer from symantec?
I there a way to update clients?
Thank you for your help.
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Including this post, there appears to be at least 3 separate threads discussing this issue none of which have a suggested fix or an official MOD response:


Is there anyone out there with any answers? You time and response would be greatly appreciated!