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NB-Java.tar.Z is missing from the client install

Created: 29 Dec 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009 | 5 comments

I'm trying to push an install to a Solaris 10 server (6.5.3) and it's failing with the error

"File NB-Java.tar.Z is missing from the client install.
Aborting ...
       {new client} install failed"


I scrolled up in the window and saw this at the beginning:

Installing NetBackup software on {new client}
rcp: /usr/openv/NB-Java.tar.Z: No such file or directory
x ., 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks


Does this mean there are files missing from the master server (where I'm pushing from)?  If so, how do I get those files back?  I recently upgraded from 6.5.1 to 6.5.3 and noticed that when it tried to upgrade some of the servers, it failed.  I didn't have time to look into it at that moment, but this may have been a problem before the upgrade and I just didn't notice it.

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Hi Wes

Don't know if it's still relevant ,

but look for NB-Java.tar.gz , it's the same file , same format made by gzip 



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Hi Andy

This morning i had the same problem, just posted a comment out to make the solution available to anyone 

who will search in forums... 

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What did you actually do to resolve your issue?

client install failing: file nb-java.tar.z missing client install

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That's true .. i missed the fix 

I renamed/copied the file to one with the expected extension : 

I.E. : cp /usr/openv/NB-Java.tar.gz /usr/openv/NB-Java.tar.Z 

in fact NB-Java.tar.gz was already there,  but the install script was looking for NB-Java.tar.Z