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NBAC For Client Side is Mandatory???

Created: 21 Aug 2013 • Updated: 10 Sep 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi All,

we are going to implement NBAC to our Admin console. I just want know whether is it mandatory to configure NetBackup Access Control

(NBAC) on clients side.? or configuring on master and media server is enough?
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hi ,

From my understnding .. it is not mandatory......

Note that permissions are granted to individuals in user groups, not to individuals on a per-host basis. They can only operate to the extent that they are authorized to do so. No restrictions are based on computer names.

I may be not 100% correct... lets see if some one answers it.. 

watsons's picture

It is not mandatory. It's up to your requirement.

The simplest is to only setup NBAC on master server only, that basically protects the access to master server & GUI.

Additional setup to media server, and/or client is also available, depend on how secure you want your environment to be.

It's best to read up the NBU security admin guide ( before you implement it. Read more details on Chapter 1 of these 2 topics:

NBAC on master, media server and GUI security (page 38)

NBAC complete security (page 40)

Please note, the more secure you want, the more complex it is for the setup, maintenance and troubleshooting. So it is always best to try out the master server first, before you jump into "total security".

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Like the post before this, It is not mandatory, but yout need to configure in "Host Properties" -> "Master Server" -> Client Attributes, forbidding that customers can perform backup and restore, otherwise they can open the console BAR (Backup, Archive and Restore) and perform these procedures.

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It is not mandotary to configure NBAC on client it is only neccessary to configure NBAC on the master server. And after enabling the same you need to set the right permissions on the objects which you would like to restrict access to.

Anandha Kannan - Sify's picture

Hi All,

I want to enable NBAC to master server alone ... Do i want to set USE_VXSS = AUTOMATIC or USE_VXSS = PROHIBITED...

Symantec support suggested that NBAC doesn't support for PD, MSDP and database server due to some certificates issue with these servers.

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NetBackup client can join NBAC domain,but it's not Mandatory.

Anandha Kannan - Sify's picture

I am getting error as below when I run bpnbaz -setupmaster

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bpnbaz.exe -setupmaster

You will have to restart NetBackup services on this machine after the command completes successfully.

Do you want to continue(y/n)y

Gathering configuration information.

ERROR: Failed to configure security services - nbatd

Unable to fork child process.