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NBDB VS Relational Database VS EMM Database

Created: 30 Mar 2014 • Updated: 03 Apr 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi Experts,

Pls let me know the difference among the below three.

NBDB VS Relational Database VS EMM Database/Server?


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see the below tech notes

About the Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) database

About the NetBackup image database

About the NetBackup relational database

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NBDB, Releational Database and EMM Database are all really the same thing.  They are all the Sybase database  instance housed in /usr/openv/db/data (default on UNIX) or <install_path>\Veritas\NetBackupdb\Data (default windows).

This has been a confusing topic as the newer versions are released, as with the release of 6.0 (ages ago) it was refered to most commonly as the 'EMM Database'.   Most likely this came about as it was possible to house the database on a unique entity and service more than one master (no longer supported).  This was frequently refered to as the EMM Server. 

As more information was added into the database, the term "EMM Database" wasn't really that accurate anymore. Relational Database was used often (as SQL is a relation database :)). as was NBDB (for NetBackup DataBase).  In the latest versions there is a movement to modify documentation to reflect NBDB (for NetBackup DataBase) for any references to the Sybase database instance on each master server.

AND if you hear the term NetBackup catalog, that's a bit different.  This is typically the <install_path>\Veritas\NetBackup\db  (Windows) or /usr/openv/netbackup/db/ (Unix).

Hopefully this makes some amount of sense.

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Debs has it nailed perfectly, as always ...  :0)

NBDB covers 'everything' and you could break it down, for example   it 'contains' the EMM DB - which at a very basic level deals with allocation of media.  Other bits in the NBDB are things such as the volume DB which deals with the 'physical' aspects of media, for example the location and density.  Then we have the media DB which deals with the 'images' on media ...  All of this is in NBDB (+ lots of other stuff).

As above, image DB used to refer to ..netbackup/db/images, and still does, but some of the files in there moved into NBDB at ver 7.5

If you run /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/nbdb_unload <some empty directory> this will dump (copy) the complete NBDB into 'readable files.

Each .dat file is a database table, and the names of each of these (which give a clue as to what they contain) can be found in the reload file - bit hard to work through, but it is there.

The number of DB tables has increased dramatically in the recent versions, as config that used to be held in flat files (eg SLP configs) have been moved into NBDB.

Regards,  Martin
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In addition to above excellent posts, please go through Parts of the NetBackup catalog in chapter 18 of NBU Admin Guide I: 

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