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nbrmms unusual high cpu load on media server

Created: 04 Mar 2013 • Updated: 09 May 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello All:

I have a single master server and multiple media servers. I noticed that one of my media servers (robotic control host) appear to be experiencing an usual amount of CPU load. When I investigated I see that nbrmms is running at a CPU load of 30% based on Windows Task Manager (WTM). In bpps I see that the same server is displaying a 96.8% Load:

COMMAND           PID      LOAD             TIME
vnetd            4588    0.000%         2:57.125
bpinetd          3508    0.000%         1:15.953
bpcd             4964    0.000%         2:53.765
vmd              3808    0.000%         2:01.000
ltid             2460    0.000%         1:25.781
nbrmms           1900   96.875%  13-13:08:58.578
When I compare it to another media server that is a robotic control host as well show no load for nbrmms in both WTM and bpps.
COMMAND           PID      LOAD             TIME   MEM
vnetd            1608    0.000%           22.078  9.2M
bpinetd          2328    0.000%            1.265   13M
bpcd             2648    0.000%           27.156   10M
vmd              3852    0.000%           37.906   24M
ltid             3016    0.000%           32.703   28M
nbrmms           3536    0.000%           13.640   39M
Does anybody know what is going on that would contribute to nbrmms taking up so much CPU load? Thanks all.
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ROrp's picture

Hello All:

Ended up cycling the nbrmms service on the media server the CPU utilization for the server came down to zero in both WTM and bpps.:

 nbrmms           4852    0.000%            0.515   28M

Will obseve this server for the next couple of days to see if the unusual load on the nbrmms service returns. 

watsons's picture

According to admin guide, this is what nbrmms responsible for:

Discovers and monitors disk storage on NetBackup media servers. Also discovers, monitors, and manages Fibre Transport (FT) connections on media servers and clients for the NetBackup SAN Client option. Runs on NetBackup media servers.

So in any circumstances, if a disk stroage is going down or the storage server becomes unreachable unexpectedly, or if some disk storage status does not return a query/change request, this might cause nbrmms to hang on there and thus increasing the CPU load.

Restarting will ensure things go back to normal. But the key is to find out what happened to your disk storage/pool , probably by logs.