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Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 30 Dec 2012 | 8 comments
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I need to send logs to symantec for backup application.

Please somebody provide the simple steps to send by using nbsu utility.

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nbsu doesn't send logs, it is a 'gather lots of system info' tool and should be run nbsu -c -t, output is in the output directory below where it is run from.

You are thinking of nbcplogs

For example, this would copy the bptm and nbjm logs for the time between -s -e
nbcplogs --no-nbsu -s mm/dd/yyyy-hh:mm:ss -e mm/dd/yyyy-hh:mm:ss --logs bptm,nbjm

NOTE: You have to create the /destination/directory and it has to be totally empty.
If you miss off the --no-nbsu it will also automatically run nbsu
It has to be run on the server with the logs, so if you are on the master and separate media and want logs off both, you have to run it on each server


Regards,  Martin
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Please ask the TSE working your case to provide some instructions - that way, they'll be sure you send them everything they're requesting. | APPLBN | 761LBN

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For Unix,  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/support/nbsu -c -t

For Windows, /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/support/nbsu.exe -c -t -nozip      

<== Better to use -nozip, because in Windows nbsu could not compress some huge files effectively and that could lead to less data collected.

(upon completion, it will tell you where the output file/folder is)

To send nbsu, ask support engineer for FTP or fileshare info.

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@Watsons:After i run the command nbsu and it will tell me the where my output folder is.

Then what is the next step?

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The next step is to send the information to Symantec! The Engineer working on your issue should provide you with an FTP location to upload logs.

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Here are the directions to upload to the FTP site. I have created a folder for you already.


username - iosupport

Password - 

I have got below mail from symantec engineer.What to do next?

Master server name is linuxmaster12

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Simply ignore the error, manually enter the full path to /bop/support/incoming/1234/ Then upload the content.

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Just stumbled across this post again...

The amount of different user id's used by the same person is now getting ridiculous!

Arun K posted this thread, then forgot as which user he first posted, last two replies done as Andy2345, then registered a new user for this post:

I am counting SIX user id's used by the same person.....

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