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1) Number of NBU master / media / clients server

2) NBU version / patch level

3) OS version / patch level

4) HBA card model, drivers and firmware

5) Tape Library model, firmware version

6) Tape drive model, firmware version

7) Any ADIC I/O blade used?

8) How is your library connected to the NBU servers (SAN Switches)?

9) Persistent binding done for tape drives?

10) Is the HBA card sharing both SAN Disk or Tape drives resources?

11) Are Master / Media servers installed as other application like Clustering?

Can anybody provide me how to see above details?command etc.

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Some of those :

3, 4, 7, 8, 10 are not NBU questions so should not be asked on this forum.

The others, how about you have a go yourself - you should be able to work some of them out.

The master and media (1) you can get from a nbemmcmd command, you just need to find the option.

2. Is a file that contains this version, or in the directory that contains information about the NBU PACKages installed

5. and 6. you might get in the output of a command that ONLY send scsi commands to the devices (a command that is used to see what devices are connected to the server) .

11. You would see this is the same command as (1)


Regards,  Martin
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Maybe you, Arun K, NIKHIL and mikenew should put heads together and let us know what you have figured out...

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