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NBU 1500 clients

Created: 31 Aug 2013 • Updated: 09 Sep 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
We have 10 master in 10 sites  and 10000  client  in total in all in our different environments.
How can I  identify  to which  master server the client  belongs.I mean while installing Netbackup on those clients,what master server name to give.
How to identify that??
NBU linnux 7.1
client :windows 2008
Thanks in advance
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RamNagalla's picture

this is all come with your Desing.. the better desing and good documentation will avoide all these confusions.

when you say 10 master servers in 10 different sites ...the clients you are adding would be in one of those sites or near to those 10 sites or have better access to the those clients.

if you have already added to those clients to the master server and trying to find which master server it is bp.conf of the client(for unix) and  SERVERS key in the registory for windows would help you.

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Thanks Nagalla.

But is there any way by which I can find which master server name to add?I mean any command or any path to which I have to see?

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I dont think so there is a way...

unless someone in the same enviornment with some past experience.

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Thanks Nagalla.

Any body has any comments on this issue.

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Well, I would install OpsCenter and once all configured on this end go to:


and in there are are such columns:

Client Name

OS Type

Master Server


Is Offline

Offline Until

I believe this is what you are looking after. OpsCenter is coming for free.... only OpsCenter Analytics is paid - and to gather above the pure OpsCenter will be just fine.

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i have not installed NBU on client yet.Ops center would fetch info after installing NBU on client and add in policy

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You can manage all the NBU serves via OPS center and it is the recommended way manage / monitor the NBU servers.

After installing OPS center you can add the each of the servers, then you can go to Monitorà Hosts àClient, there you will get the details of multiple domains’ host details.

#OPS center is coming on Free license and only OPS center  analytics is a licensed one, in your case OPS center is only required.



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i have not installed NBU on client yet.

As per Nagalla's excellent post - you need information about design and physical location of the master servers and the same about the clients.

We cannot tell you which client needs to connect to which master server.

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1) which client would be added to which master server this info has to be provided by person who designed the whole NBU setup.

2) which client would be added to which master server this info has to be provided by your customer.

3) most vaild point ---- which client would be added to which master server depends on ip range of each master server and client servers ip.