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NBU 7.0.1 on pure media storage: Is it possible to multiplex stream on restore job?

Created: 20 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

Hi all,

    running again on some performances issue, this time it is regarding RESTORE task for a SAP db (brbackup driven).

Is it possible, as we do for backup, to split restore job in 4 streams and speed up the RESTORE task?

Normally the backup for this DB (750Gb) last around 2.30Hrs. To restore it was spend more than 8 Hrs, with only one stream.

Thank you for any info.


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RamNagalla's picture


you can start the multiple restore jobs, by selecting different file selections while triggering the restore, but its all depends on the backup image resides on tape or disk.

if you are trying to restore the data from same image which is located on the Tape,  even though you can trigger the multple restore jobs, tape can only assing to single job, so all the jobs required the same tape willl run one by one.

if the restore data is on tape, you can make use of multipe restore jobs.

if your resources (Network/system) does not support the  you will not make use of multiple restore jobs.

so make sure that you have enough resourcs to handle the multiple jobs.

Michele Nicosia's picture

Hi Nagalla,

   this is not the case you are mentioned then.

I'm using puredisk backups only, and it is related DB backup (SAP) with brbackup.

I can choose Stream for backup, but it seems to be not possible for restore.

Thank you for the reply.