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NBU - Eject tapes after a vault jobs failed

Created: 19 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

Hi all,

we have a vault job implemented which duplicate the images to tape. The vault job can use two tape drives to write. Due to an error with one drive the second duplication job failed but the first one was sucessfull. Now i need to know if i can eject the written tape according to a sid?

Thanks ...

Regards, Martin

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Then rerun vault, it should pick up the images that didn't copy, provideing they fall in the time window that is set in the vault profile.


Regards,  Martin
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yes, but i want to eject the written tapes to a sid? That means i have to duplication jobs, one was sucessfull the other failed. Can i rerun the vault and assign the existing tapes to that sid because we have to send the tapes to an offsite vendor.


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No, you can't assign tapes.

If the tapes are now suspended, you could unsuspend so that NBU will hopefully use them, when you re-run.


Regards,  Martin
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Martin is correct you cannot assign the tapes back and as the failed vault job cannot be rerun. I am not sure where you is your first copy. If I imagine correct what you are doing - creating two copies to tapes from one primary copy using vault then if one duplication job failed rerunning the vault should probably solve the issue.

Thanks & Regards

Yogesh Jadhav
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This thread is almost 3 months old.... Not sure why it's been 'resurrected'?

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