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Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

We have an issue that has popped up since upgrading to Seems that NBU is leaving an entry in the VPX_DISABLED_METHODS table in the vCenter DB that prevents svMotion during backup. To get around this you have to remove/add the VM from the inventory, or shut down vCenter and remove the rows from the table.

We are vCenter 5.0.1 (2 vCenters in linked mode, happening on both) with a mix of 5.0.1/4.1U2 hosts.

According to NBU logs the job completes successfully. But the record is not cleaned up. There was another thread about this in the backupexec forums, but it was locked with no posted solution.

VMware is saying this is strictly an NBU issue as they don't set that flag, the backup software does. We did not have this issue until upgrading from to

Anyone else seen this one?

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Does this issue always happen or occasionally happen?

I googled and found similar issue with NetValut. By this article, unlocking occasionally failed, and this is known issue of VDDK5. NetBackup and other VMware's 3rd party software handle VM via VDDK.

It is better to open a case with Symantec and VMware, and ask them which is wrong.

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It happens pretty often, but not to all machines. I have contacted NBU support about the update to VDDK. Seems it's up to them to incorporate the fix.

Thanks for the info!

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After successful NBU vmWare backup, Storage VMotion is not enabled.

While backup, VM command to VCenter not to use Storage VMotion.
It is displayed on VPX_DISABLED_METHODS on VCenter DB. If the backup is done, backup VM information is deleted.
If the backup VM information is not deleted after successful backup, Storage VMotion is not enabled.

This issue occurs because the entries from VPX_DISABLED_METHODS are not removed after a virtual machine backup task completes. When a VM-level backup begins, the backup system informs vCenter to disable Storage vMotion for that VM to ensure that the backups can complete successfully. If no backups are active for that VM when this error occurs, Storage vMotion did not get re-enabled automatically.


The issue is with VMware not clearing the snapshot once it has been completed. There are no commands that Netbackup can run to clear this in VMware. You will have to contact VMware and have them resolve the issue.