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NBU 7.5 email notification

Created: 08 Oct 2012 • Updated: 18 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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I am the administrator of a few clients backed up to a local media server then duplicated to an offsite master server. Currently, it is setup to notify the backup admin of failures (Server sends email selected on unversal properties of master server). I would like to get success AND failure emails for just my three clients. I've already tried what is in the guide - I setup BLAT and nbmail.cmd, and also changed the client properties to say client sends email and put in my email address. After that didn't work the first night, I modified nbmail.cmd to just dump the parameters to a file, so I could make sure nbmail.cmd was running (it wasn't). I do have this in the /bin folder and not in goodies. So, after googling the issue, I found this:

Which seems to suggest if the global backup admin only wants failure notices (set to server sends email on master), that I can't have certain clients send me success AND failure notifications? I also noticed the three guides available for sending emails are: server sends global admin failures, server sends client admins failures, and client sends client admins success and failures, which again makes me wonder if there is any mixing of the policies.

So my question is, is there a way to configure the master server to send a backup admin failure notices, but also a way for me to get emails (from the media server or the clients) about success and failures of a few clients?

Thank you!!

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My experience has been been get failures only, or success & failure of all clients.

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See this TN for overview of NBU email config (it also applies to NBU 7.x):

You should be able to find a combination that fits your requirement.

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Thanks, Marianne. I could not find anything to let me know that these settings acted exclusively, the matrix is very helpful!