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NBU 7.5 Media Server Install - PostgreSQL issue

Created: 12 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am replacing an NBU 7.0.1 client with a 7504 Media Server installation on W2K8R2.  I uninstalled the 701 client software (didn't reboot) and then ran the pre-installation environment check.  I have come accross the issue relating to the postgreSQL being installed - and the request to uninstall and retry.

I discovered the TECH182539 which has an EEB to get around this but that appears just to relate to a Client install - and I am doing a Media Server install. (on the off-chance I tried replacing this MSI in the PC_Clnt\x64 directory on the installation media but no joy)

Is there an equivalent EEB for the Media Server installation, or an alternate workaround ?  I cannot uninstall the existing postgreSQL as it is in-use with the HP Command View suite.

Any pointer appreciated.


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Hi Simaj,

whar are you trying to do. You should upgrad directly to 7.5.04 without the need to uninstall.


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Try a reboot first if you could.

Try this though it will be for PDDE

Its better to uninstall the other sql or need to request EEB for media server PostgreSQL instance(like TECH182539)

log a case with Symantec.

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Thanks for the input - however I was advised to uninstall the client prior to a Client to Media Server switch, hence this is what I did.


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I seem to remember coming across a similar situation before

If my memory serves me correctly you will need to uninstall HP Command view, reboot (which you really need to do anyway) and then install NetBackup

You should then be able to reinstall the HP software

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Mark - Thanks for that.  I don't really want to un-install the SAN management Suite to allow the install of NBU, then re-install the San management Suite.  I mentioned this to support during another call last night, and the support engineer said he was ware of the issue and would take a peek for me prior to a follow up call tonight. 

I'll keep you posted.


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Support didn't come up with anything, but in the meantime I resolved my issue as follows:

1. I had already un-installed the 701 client so no going back there.

2. I downloaded the updated client installer MSI (TECH182539)

3. Placed the updated MSI into the install directory

4. Installed the 7.5 client - OK

5. Installed the 7.5 Media Server over the top of the client - OK

6. Installed the 7504 update - OK

7. All tested out OK