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NBU 7.5 - Replace Legacy NBU environment with 5220 Appliances

Created: 07 Jan 2013 • Updated: 07 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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I have an existing site which has a Virtual Master Server and three Media Servers - all at 7503 - and using locally attached disk storage units accross SAN.  I am replacing the environment with 2 x 5220 appliances - using AIR for replication.

My question is around migration of images between the old and the new environment.  I am not concerned about the daily/weekly backup images as they will expire over the short term, and in the interim the old environment will be available for restore if required.  I am looking as to the best way to migrate the monthly/yearly images from the existing system to the new appliances.

I have considered the two following options for implementation:

1. Add the local appliance as a new NBU domain, as a Master/Media, and manually add the policies to this new environment thereby migrating the clients on a phased basis.

2. Add the appliance to the existing NBU domain as a media server, and simply change the policy destination (as I will be introducing SLP's anyhow as part of this)

If I take option 2 then as far as I believe I won't be able to 'duplicate' backup images from the existing storage units to the appliance as the storage units do not belong to the same media server - correct ?

Any advices ?


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A few questions here so left me pass my thoughts and also ask a question ..

You say you plan to use AIR so does that mean you plan to implement a second Master Server somewhere? (AIR for for cross NBU Domain replication - and note that it is for current backups only, old backups cannot be replicated using AIR)

Your option 1 does not allow you to migrate anything from the odl domain to the new unless you manually import tapes into the new environment (so not a great solutions)

Your Option 2 seems best - you keep you dedicated current Master Server (you cannot yet migrate a "real" master to an Appliance Master anyway as the full proceedure is pending verification / personell training).

If you old backups are on disk there is nothing to stop you manually duplicating those backups to the new appliances. This is a nice way of "seeding" them before they go into production anyway - just be careful of the retentions used to make sure you do not fill them up. These duplications will pass over the network from the media server to the appliance media server.

If your old backups are on tape you can simply change ownership of the tapes from the old media server to the new which will automatically transfer ownership of all backup images at the same time.

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Thanks for the input.

In reply to your points, and additional queries, see the following:

1. A second appliance will be implemented as a Master/Media, and this will be the target for the AIR replication - so no issues there.

2. Most backups are on disk, so an 'import of tapes' is not feasible - therefore Option 1 appears to be a non-runner.

3. If I progess option 2, then I am taking it from your comment that even though the storage units involved are attached to different media servers that the duplication will still function but accross the network ?  If this is OK then that is good with me.

4. Regarding the AIR, I am OK with the new backups being replicated from source to target storage pools.  However - once the legacy backups are duplicated to the de-dup pool on the appliance in the local site - is there a way to get them replicated / copied to the remote NBU appliance (different NBU domain) ?

5. I do have the yearly backups on tape only, and I don't want to use any tape going forward.  I note your point about changing ownership of the tapes from one media server to another, and this would be possible if I kept tape on the system (I guess windows media server to unix (appliance) media server not an issue) - but then I would want to duplicate them to the local de-dup pool and as in point 4 above ideally replicate them to the remote appliance.

Lots of questions I know, as I think this one through......

Your input is appreciated.


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1. OK - thats fine

2. Agreed

3. That should work for you

4. Nothing straight forward - if you had tape you could duplicate to tape and then import to the other domain, but nothing that can be replicated / duplicated acroos NBU domains in that way

5. I think I know what you are saying and it could tie in with 4. above. Add a tape drive / library to each Applaince (must be fibre connected) so that it can read / write tapes. You could then duplicate from tape to de-dupe storage but you could also import tapes to cover the gaps you have

Just keep an eye on retentions - you really dont want to fill the appliances up so you may still want to have tape available for some long term retention backups

Hope this all helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Thanks for that - I think I have a plan.......


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Great - if your questions are answered and are happy then dont forget to use the Mark as solution option to close off the thread and help others searching for a similar matter in the future

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kindly find the attached document may help you to know more datails and the limitaions related to replication using 2 5220 appliances.

Deck-1-Appliances-Overview.pdf 10.08 MB
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I am aware of the attached document, but as I want to have an independent D/R environment plan to use AIR to avoid having to protect a Master Server also. In this case, I don't see how I can replicate the legacy images (as referred to above).