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NBU 7.5 Std. Client and DB2 Agent on AIX 6.1 HACMP

Created: 30 Jul 2013 • Updated: 30 Jul 2013
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Dear All,

I really need confirmation and solution about the configuration i'm about to deploy.

My environment is as follows:

- 1 Master/Media Server running on Windows 2k8 (existing)

- 2 POWER machine with AIX 6.1 and HACMP configured

- DB2 installed on both AIX hosts on shared volume group

Now I need to backup the DB2 with LAN-based scenario. The company bought 2 Standard Client and 2 DB2 Agent.

The questions are:

1. does Standard Client conforms with the environment? since Lan backup is the preferred and desired method. And no need to deploy Application Cluster on EMM server (it will need Enterprise Client).

2. if standard client is enough, how do i configure the NBU Client? should I create new Resource Group to be able to failover or just point to already-exist Virtual AIX Hostname on the Master Server and let the HACMP controls the cluster?

Any solution is really appreciated.

Thanks before.



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