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NBU Exchange backup failes with status 1542

Created: 26 Apr 2012 • Updated: 30 Apr 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I did a NBU upgrade for a customer last week, and I gotten a problem that seems to be a bug.
I'am trying to backup a Exchange 2007 CCR ang keep getting error 1542. Only information I can fint on this problem is that snapshot is no longer valid, run job again to create new snapshot. But same problem over and over again.

Master server windows 2008 R2, NBU (Also media server in this case)
Exchange nodes (2 node CCR) 2008 R2 Exchange 2007 SP2 og SP3, NBU Client

Anyone have any ideas??

PS!! I also see this problem in my lab backing ut a single node exchange 2010..

Please help..

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No symantec employe or other symantec tech's out there that have any idea?

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Known Issues in on page 30 of the Release Notes:

A backup job for a Backup From Snapshot (snapdupe) operation may continue
to try to mount the snapshot. That occurs even if the snapshot no longer exists
on the disk. The backup job should fail with a status code 1542, but it incorrectly
fails with a status code 156 with the message snapshot error encountered.
Because it did not fail with a status code 1542 error, the backup job is retried
until the nbstlutil -cancel command cancels it.

Now this doesn't entirely match your issue, but is similar. I would recommend you open a support case with Symantec and get them to investigate and log it as a bug if it is found to be an one (which is likely if you can reproduce it in your lab)

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I'll add a few screen shots that shows what I see in job monitor. But you might be right. Think I have to open a support case on this.

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It seems I did a configuration error.. I was so sure Incremental backup of exchange was supported. But reading the exchange admin guide, it clearly states incremental GRT backup is not yet supported. Therefore i I get the 1542 error..