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NBU 7.6 backup SharePoint 2010 with SQL 2008 R2 under SFHA6

Created: 05 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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We can use NBU 7.5 to backup SharePoint 2010 farm with SQL 2008 R2 under SFHA6. After upgrading to 7.6, it failed to backup. Symantec support told us that SQL under SFHA6 is not supported with NBU 7. However, we can backup SQL without issues, but backup SharePoint fails with error message "Read file failed".  Anyone can give suggestions?
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Riaan.Badenhorst's picture

I would get you account manager and the product management team involved on this.

I just looked at the cluster compatibility list and technically what they told you is correct, it is not on the list. But.......

SFWHA 5.1 SP1 AP1 supports the SQL agent 2008SP1 (not even R2) yet this product is already EOL (since 2011) and is EOS in 10 days. Should we get all our customers to uninstall SFWHA????

Maybe we should suggest going MSCS, but wait, MSCS is not supported either (as per the document).

I think someone needs to look at this, something seriously wrong here. Or I'm misunderstanding.....


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

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I personally do not believe that you have a compatibility issue.
The NBU upgrade could have changed NBU logon services back to LocalSystem.

All I can suggest is to check all config on both cluster nodes from scratch as if this is a new installation as per

In the meantime, get hold of Product Management via your local SE as per Riaan's suggestion.

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