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NBU and IBM TSM HSM pointers

Created: 05 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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Hello all,

My client is asking what's the behavior of NBU when backing up the HSM pointers that IBM TSM creates when using HSM. They ask if NBU would copy the pointer, or if on the other hand, it will recall the file and copy the file. My first impresion is that it'll copy the pointer but I've to be sure before answering them, and I can't test it.

I've trying to find some documentation about this matter and haven't been able to find anything so far. I'd like anyone to suggest in which guide can I find some info about this.

Kind regards,


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Not sure about the IBM TSM ones but when using Enterprise Vault we have a place where you tell EV which processes to exclude from recall

I would imagine the files would get recalled by default so you need to look at the IBM documentation of how to make it ignore certain processes accessing the file and then set it to ignore bpbkar / bpbkar32 to prevent the recall

The normal culprit is Anti-Virus software causing the recall so see how they stop that causing a recall

Hope this helps

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thanks for your reply, and sorry for the delay, but I've been out of the office the last week.

I'll read the IBM documentation, and will check if it has the feature.



Un saludo / Kind regards,