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NBU Appliance or not?

Created: 13 Feb 2013
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Just after some thoughts really on replicating data from a NBU server at a production site to an NBU server at a DR site - nothing too technical at this stage :o)

my questions are:

I'm looking at NBU appliances but wanted to know if there are any metrics on how effective the 'optimised hardware' is over a, for example, 8 core HP server with 16GB RAM running Linux would be? 5% or 50% better performance - have Symantec run any 'bake off' tests between different platforms?

I notice that Appliances have WAN optimisation built in  - i this part of the hardware that perhaps wouldn't be available in standard server hardware?

If I go with an appliance solution at my production site - to take advantage of the WAN optimisation - do I need an appliance at the other end for this work or could it replicate to a standard server whilst still using the WAN optimisation feature at the source end?

As the DR site has no users or other servers to backup (purely an offsite repository for the data) would I really benefit from an appliance at that end. My guess would be that, as it's not a dark fibre link, a standard server will be able to ingest the data as fast at it can travel over the link and therefore an appliance here would not be as financially attactive (please assume that I am not concerned with restores over the WAN at this stage)

many thanks in advance for any guidance.


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