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NBU Backup Policy

Created: 24 Sep 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012 | 6 comments
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a scheduled backup is not showing when I'm executing the commands like nbpemreq - due -date <date> or nbpemreq --predict_all -date <date> on that specified date. Let me know how ensure that the scheduled backup should run at specied date and time.


Dharmendu Maity

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Is there another schedule on that policy that is likely to run *before* the one you're looking at?

nbpemreq will only report on which schedule in a policy will run next, so if you run a report with a date a week in advance & you have 6 incrementals & a full in a policy that should run over that period it will only report on that schedule that is due soonest.

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nbpemreq -subsystems 1 screen 

For each client/policy (considered) as a 'pair' - you will see what NBU will run next.

For example

  PolicyClient::__DSSU_POLICY_basic_stage/womble Task
  Schedule calculation delay: 0:01:00 (60)
  Client offline: false
  Active: true
    Scheduling calculation made at: 2012/09/21 17:53:22 (1348246402)
    Stream's earliest times based on failure history
      -1: Not a factor
    Next schedule to run: basic_stage
      Due: 2012/09/21 18:52:15 (1348249935)
      Start: 2012/09/28 05:50:00 (1348807800)
      Window closes: 2012/09/28 18:20:00 (1348852800)
        basic_stage::-1: Only/first schedule checked, DT=2012/09/21 18:52:15 (1348249935), RST=2012/09/28 05:50:00 (1348807800), WCT=2012/09/28 18:20:00 (1348852800)
Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
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how to ensure the scheduled backup should work at specified time?



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how to ensure the scheduled backup should work at specified time?

Be confident in your abilities!

Check all your schedule settings, start window, excluded/included dates etc. Ensure you have adequate resources available (media etc). Ensure the policy is actually active.

Run the nbpemreq daily & confirm what it reports does run.

&/or check what runs daily with what you expect from the schedules you have.

Correct anything that needs correcting.

Be confident in your abilities!

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Yes, that is why I'm concern. Because, one schedule backup does not show in report when I'm executing the nbpemreq -due -date 09/25/2012. Where as the backup scheduled at 16:00 hrs to start. I've run nbpemreq -updatepolicies as well as bprdreq -rereadconfig.

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Put a time in as well?


nbpemreq -due -date 09/25/2012 23:59:59


Altho' looking at the output it uses 23:59:59 by default anyway.

Have you only just changed the policy? If so maybe worth running

nbpemreq -update_policies

***EDIT #2***

May also be worth running it for further in the future to see when the next run on that policy will be if it's not showing up on the due time.

Please provide output of

bppllist policy_name -U

we may be able to offer better advice!