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NBU dimensioning puredisk DSU

Created: 05 Apr 2013 | 2 comments

Good morning all,

  today i need to dimension a new MEDIA for a bunch of servers that are going to be added to the one.

I'm talking of 10 servers someone with SAP db, below detailed:

2.35T of raw space (maximum disk capacity summed for all the servers).

370G Sap db+Arch logs (actually running).

Around (foresight) 500G of new DB (Sharepoint installation for Documentum)

Sap db+arch logs runs everyday.

Disks backup 1Full+6inc.

Sharepoint will run too everyday (i don't know if it will use mssql process or another specific one that can use inc+full).

Retention 2Weeks for all the backups.

I'm thinking about initial 6T of /DSU (PUREDISK with dedup) in order to stay quite for some time, but i would like to have a real and precise measrument to calculate it prior to stay far from reality.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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Michele Nicosia's picture

Hi all,

   no info/help on this?

Thank you.


Jaykullar's picture

You need to work out the math. How much data your backing up, how much do these data types dedup along with your retentions.

Your db's wont dedup.