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NBU - unable to find backup image in BAR

Created: 11 Sep 2013 • Updated: 12 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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hi all

i'd backed up an exchange mailbox (with NBU 7.5 on Master server running Win2k3 32 bits and exchange server Win2k8 R2 SP1) and it went successfully; however when I launch BAR from master server and also directly from the exchange server, i can't seems to find the backup image for the job in BAR with message below

warning: server does not contain any backup for client using specific policy type as requested by the client

i changed the policy type for restores in BAR file -> specify Netbackup machines and policy type to MS-Exchange-Server but still get the same error; i even tried to change the restore type from Normal backup to every item appearred in the list (Archived backups, raw partition backups, true image backups, backup exec backups, point in time rollback backups) but couldn't find any of my backup image

attached were the job detailed indicated the parent and child  (snapshot.txt and backup.txt) for backup exchange were successful;  I aldo ran vssadmin list shadows in the exchange server and confirmed the snapshot been created and removed upon completion of the backup job

kindly advise


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Can i confirm the following:

Server should be your Master name

Source Client should be dc-excg

Policy Type should be MS-Exchange

Backup Type should be Normal

Do all this on your Master Server

Show us some screen shots - please also show us the details tab of the job that did the actual backup

And finaly show us the oitput of the below where the pol

bppllist NBUexcg -U

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Totally agree with Mark - double-check client name.

If you do the browsing from the Exchange server and the 'NBU configured name'  (Client_Name in the registry) is dc-excg.FQDN, the Exch server will request backup images for this FQDN, but backups were done with shortname (dc-excg). This will result in master server finding no backups for client name.

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hi Mark and Marianne

it was totally my mistaken as i did not realise there was a typo when i populate the client name; it has now resolved, thanks again