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NBU Vault set-up question?

Created: 24 Feb 2013 • Updated: 27 Feb 2013 | 13 comments
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Hello, my question is divided in two parts.

master/media Solaris10, NBU 7.5

master is clustered, a 4 node cluster.

i'll post the requirement of vaulting policies, can someone please lead me in the right direction if you feel the above configuiration is totally wrong. thanks. please see the screenshots..

Operating Systems:

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see the screenshots.. and job activity of the vault policy where it exited with 0.

btw what does this mean, the media is ejected and is in the MAP already? Can i automatically get this back into the slot again in the library? or i would have to go and put it back manually? how to put this back in the slot? is my master server..


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vault has 4 major fuctions

1) Duplications

2)Catalog backup

3) Eject 

4)Report generation

from the above configuration this is what I understand..

your Vault porfile is configured to do the only Ejection and Report genaration

Duplication and catalog backups are not configured through Vault.

02/23/2013 21:52:32 - Duplication skipped

02/23/2013 21:52:32 - Catalog Backup skipped

so Vault job skipped those and identified one tape to eject., and ejected it to MAP.

yes, you can inject the tapes in the Library which are in MAP with  the Inventory by selecting the Option.Empty_Map.

your screenshot is missing in the post.

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thanks for the reply, you are correct here. we're not doing duplication or catalog backup via vault. for duplication we are using SLPs and catalog through a regular policy.. I need to set up ejects only and reporting from vault.

please see the screenshots I have posted. can you explain me the values I have put in. what they mean? like the 2 days and stuff. catalogs are for masters only right?

where is this option of empty_map thingie in gui or cli?

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this is the policy Info, it does not have any info other then Profile name and schedule info.

please provide the screenshot of Vault profile

vault management-->robot NO--> Profile Name

and also your requirement of vault configuration

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hey, there are two screesnshots there. first one is of the profile. :)

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Opps I missed that..

Vault profile is configured to eject the tapes that are only in  CatalogBackup volume pool having backup  between 2 days to 1 day

is this what your requirement?

it will not eject any volumes other than CatalogBackup volume pool

even for its look into CatalogBackup volume pool only for the images aged between 2 days to 1 day

what actaully your requirement is?

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Here is the requirement. This is an actualy conversation between me and my manager. have a look.


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also check your inbox, ive sent a private message on your profile..

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requirement is pretty clear..

add the netbackup volume pool to the above Vault Profile under eject tap along with the CatalogBackup volume pool.

this will eject the tapes from Netbackup and catalogbackup Volume pools as per the schedule time in Vault Policy.

and for the logfiles pool, you would need to create another Vault Profile and add only logfiles pool under the eject tape,and schedule another Vault policy.

remebmer, only one vault policy can be run(active at a time) so make sure that both  vault policy schedules are not overlapping.

once you got the standard retenctions, you would need to chage the "backup started between and to:' under the vault profile choose backups tab.

with the current setup vault profiles looks for the imags which newer then 2 days and older then 1 day. it indicates any images older then 2 days will not be consider and not ejected.

Hope it make some sence.

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let me make them and reconfirm from you, will mark your post then as solution. thanks for your valuable time..

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have a look at this screenshot. it includes new policy for logfiles. and i renamed the profile too. and created a se[rate porfile policy for logfiles.

any other info you would want to give here, any best practices?

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looks fine to me.. just make sure that the both Vault policy schedules are not overlapping..

and make sure that you are giving enough time to compleate the first vault policy before 2nd one starts.