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nbvault couldn't start

Created: 18 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi All,

Anyone to know why the nbvault couldn't start ? The NBU version

I was restart the service, daemon started after that down. And have valid license. If I click Vault Management error "The Daemon not started"

Client count:   See license certificate.
Expires:        No Expiration Date
Feature:        Vault (Active)
Client count:   See license certificate.
Expires:        No Expiration Date
Feature:        PureDisk MS Exchange Agent (Active)
Feature:        Enterprise Vault Agent (Active)
bash-3.00# netbackup start
NetBackup Authentication daemon started.
NetBackup network daemon started.
NetBackup client daemon started.
NetBackup SAN Client Fibre Transport daemon started.
NetBackup Database Server started.
NetBackup Authorization daemon started.
NetBackup Event Manager started.
NetBackup Audit Manager started.
NetBackup Deduplication Manager started.
NetBackup Deduplication Engine started.
NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager started.
NetBackup Resource Broker started.
Media Manager daemons started.
NetBackup request daemon started.
NetBackup compatibility daemon started.
NetBackup Job Manager started.
NetBackup Policy Execution Manager started.
NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Manager started.
NetBackup Remote Monitoring Management System started.
NetBackup Key Management daemon started.
NetBackup Service Layer started.
NetBackup Agent Request Server started.
NetBackup Bare Metal Restore daemon not started.
NetBackup Vault daemon started.
NetBackup Service Monitor started.
NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Boot Server daemon started.
Operating Systems:

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Check /var/adm/messages for clues.

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Where are you trying to start the nbvault services, it should be started on the Master server. By default it is disabled on the media server and if you try to start it, will stop it automatically after some time.

This service should be up and running on the Master server. If you still having this behaviour on Master server you could try stopping all the netbackup services and start them again.

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I was check no message in /var/adm/messages and the others logs in netbackup.  This in Master server. Maybe the binary nbvault corrupted?.

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I hope you are downloading the correct version of Vault as if you are trying to install vault 6 setup on 7 or vice versa then it will not start the services. If you are sure everything was done as expected please reboot the system once, though it is not required to reboot the server but sometimes it helps when everything is done as expected.

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I think this the bugs, cause in version 5.x and after upgrade version 6.0 and then version 7.1, the vault management empty.

The issue was solved with rename or delete  /usr/openv/netbackup/db/vault/vault.xml after that startup nbvault.

Thank you for all opinion