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NDMP backup failure (99)

Created: 14 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

Master server - Netbackup on Solaris 10x86, media server Netbackup on Solaris 10.  Error 99 on ndmp backup to tape.  Any help would be appreciated.

tpauthconfig -verify ndmp-host gives the following:

Connecting to host "ndmp-host" as user "nbu-user"...
Waiting for connect notification message...
Opening session--attempting with NDMP protocol version 4...
Opening session--successful with NDMP protocol version 4
  host supports TEXT authentication
  host supports MD5 authentication
Getting MD5 challenge from host...
Logging in using MD5 method...
Host info is:
  host name "ndmp-host"
  os type "SunOS"
  os version "5.11"
  host id "0"
Login was successful
Host supports LOCAL backup/restore
Host supports 3-way backup/restore

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Nicolai's picture

What is the associated error message from the activity monitor

What vendor is the NDMP box `?

STATUS CODE: 99 "NDMP backup failure" occurs when backing up a NDMP client.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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randes2000's picture

In the Status box of the Job Details:

1: (99) NDMP backup failure
2: (99) NDMP backup failure

The NDMP unit is a Sun Storage 7210

History.  This job worked a while ago.  Since then we have upgraded the hardware of our backup suite. New master server, new media servers, new tape library, new backup-to-disk SAN.  The NDMP host was not upgraded.

Nicolai's picture

You need to provide more information. There are a lot of reason why a NDMP backup fail with status 99.

Could you please post all information provided in the detailed status of the activity monitor.

Have you looked at the SUN Storage 7210 message file / event log ?. 

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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