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NDMP backups

Created: 13 Dec 2012 • Updated: 13 Dec 2012 | 6 comments

Hi Friends,

One unique requirement has come up and i dont know if its technically possible, thus thought of taking your help.

I have one NAS box and two Netbackup Domains.

Currently that NAS box is being backed up in one of the domain through NDMP backup policy.

Can i configure NDMP backup policy in another Domain for the same NAS box? and can run both of them paralley?

In other words,

Can One NAS box be registered in two different Netbackup Doamins and be backed up similtaneously?

Note: NDMP backups are configured for using Media Manager Storage Unit, i.e using remote NDMP


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Will Restore's picture

I have done it though one or the other on a given day and not simultaneously. 

It might be possible to do at the same time but resource contention will be very high!  I don't recommend it.

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

Sahil Joshi's picture

Ok Great, That means atleast configuring it is possible.Thanks..!

RamNagalla's picture

yes..i believe we can do that...

but not sure why you want to go with that...

if you did that.. make sure both backup jobs are not overlaping.. each other... to aviod any further issues..

Guduru's picture

we can register one NAS box in multiple domains and can be configured but configuration will be different for different type of NAS boxes. but not sure why you want to that..

V4's picture

parellal jobs can be ran even for same client. For NA i believe there would be different data sets (qtree) to be backed up hence there shouldn't be a problem

You could try simulating with UAT backup.

Amarnath Sathishkumar's picture

When you are backing up the data in One domain. Why you need to backup in another domain.

Its waste of resources.

Amarnath Sathishkumar

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