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NDMP Backups are failing with error code 99 intermittently

Created: 05 Jun 2013 • Updated: 22 Nov 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello All,

I am into an issue where the NDMP Backups are failing intermittently with error code 99. Here are the errors  

28.05.2013 21:00:35 - begin writing

28.05.2013 21:01:24 - Error ndmpagent(pid=225348) NDMP_LOG_ERROR 11 DATA: Backup terminated: EVENT: I/O ERROR (for /vol/v_sscz02/q_sscz02/Appl)   
28.05.2013 21:01:24 - Error ndmpagent(pid=225348) NDMP backup failed, path = /vol/v_sscz02/q_sscz02/Appl       
28.05.2013 21:01:24 - Error bptm(pid=221936) none of the NDMP backups for client bbtflrces01 completed successfully   
28.05.2013 21:01:24 - Info bpbrm(pid=140732) child done, status 99         
28.05.2013 21:01:24 - Info bpbrm(pid=140732) sending message to media manager: STOP BACKUP bbtflrces01_1369767633     
28.05.2013 21:01:31 - Info bpbrm(pid=140732) media manager for backup id bbtflrces01_1369767633 exited with status 99: NDMP backup failure
28.05.2013 21:01:31 - end writing; write time: 00:00:56
NDMP backup failure(99)
I have attached the ndmp & ndmpd errors from the stated time. Please let me know if this is sufficient to take this further ?
Netbackup Master Server - Windows 2003 SP2
Netapp    8.1.1 7Mode 
Operating Systems:

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revarooo's picture

This looks suspicious in your ndmpagent log

28.05.2013 21:01:22.773 [ndmp_logger_vxul] 02520438 .   entry="DUMP: Network communication error\012"
Dyneshia's picture

If the above tech notes did not work, we would  the ndmpd log.

Jean-Pierre Bailly's picture

you'll need more verbosity in your NDMP logs, also try and put in filer logs, but pick them up quick they tend to wrap around very quickly.

Vijay K Gera's picture

Symantec has closed the case.

From: Enterprise Technical Support <>
To: Vijay K Gera/IND/CSC@CSC
Date: 07/12/2013 12:17 PM
Subject: Closure of case 04485969 NDMP backups are failing with error code 99 intermitently    [ ref:_00D30jPy._50050LpwE5:ref ]
Hi Vijay
Thanks for the update. Sorry that the reboot of the filer did not help. As the original analysis of the logs showed that the dump utility in the filer was crashing it is very unlikely that this is a NetBackup issue. So I will close the case as you suggested. If you need any help in the future with this then please open a new case and we will be happy to assist you.
Symantec NetBackup would like to ensure we are meeting your support needs and your feedback is extremely valuable to us in gauging our success in this area. You may receive a survey relating to this case, depending on how recently you received a Symantec survey. The survey has a ranking of 0 to 10 with an 8, 9 or 10 considered satisfactory. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the survey and provide this valuable feedback to our department.
Stephen Jakeman
Senior Technical Support Engineer
NetBackup Support – Symantec Corporation