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NDMP Best Practices?

Created: 22 Oct 2013 | 2 comments

I've been searching around and have not found much information on NDMP backups.

What does a typical rotation scheme look like?   We backup 2 X a day so if I start with backup 0(full) friday night then level 1 saturday noon 2 saturday night 3 sunday noon 5 sunday night 6 monday noon 7 monday night 8 tuesday noon 9 tuesday night. I am officially out of levels. do I have to start back at level 1 which will capture all changes since friday then continue on? 

Is there a way to backup two different NAS containers using two different NIC cards?  I see where I can select the network on the job but it seems to ignore the setting and always favors a single NIC. 

I am backing up a Dell FS7600 with Backup Exec 2012 with all the latest patches. 

Any pointers would be appreciated. 



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Why are you doing incremental backups during the weekends?  If your organisation is not working during the weekend, there is no need to do backups.

Once you run out of levels, you should start again with a full backup.

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Avkash K