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NDMP device support for Smalltree Titanium

Created: 29 Mar 2013 | 6 comments

Hello all,

Our creative services team is using a rack mount sharing server to collaborate on their work.  The server is called Titanium from a company called Smalltree. (

We're trying to backup their assets and project files on a tape library that is using a Netbackup server (v.6.5.5).  The problem is, we can't backup files bigger than 140GB without us getting an error on the netbackup. 

We have conflicting opinions on why this is.  One side says that Titanium is NOT supported by NDMP where the other side says that Titanium is in fact supported by NDMP.

My quesiton to you is,has anyone here used the Titanium system and if so, how do you go about backing up/archiving your data?  AND do you know if NDMP is supported by Titanium?

Thanks in advance!

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Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

I could not find any statement for NDMP in Smalltree's site. Titanium is based on linux, and seems have no interface to attach tape devices. It is hard to believe Titanium supports NDMP.

At NetBackup side, Titanium is not listed in HCL so it is not supported as NDMP device by NetBackup.

Please show us the picuture of hardware configuration by which we can understand the connectivity of tape devices, NetBackup server, and Titanium. Also post storage unit and policy configuration in form of screenshot or output of "bpstulist -U" & "bppllist policy_name -U".

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Thank you for your response!  I am working with my IT team to get your the screenshot/output for our policy config.  

In the meantime, I've attached a picture of how we have the Netbackup, Tape library and Titanium.

Additional Notes:

We were able to backup the Titanium (through many tries) to's the reverse that we cannot do...we cannot restore greater than 140GB.  

The way we backup is as follows:

  • We mount the titanium drive to Windows and the netbackup can see the NAS and we take a backup of it

We cannot do a restore by mounting a drive and restoring. It is not being seen as a local drive.

Any insight as to why this is the case would be greatly appreciated!  We spoke to Smalltree and they stated that they are in fact NDMP compatable and supports Netbackup 6.x

Thanks again!

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How exactly are you backing it up at the moment?

What are the errors that you see when backing up large files?

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Hi Marianne,

Thank you for your response :)

If you see what I posted above this post. You'll see a generic flow of how we are backing up as well as a written example of how we backup.

I'm not sure what the exact errors are...the IT member I spoke to mentioned that they were 'access errors'.  

We have Netbackup 6.5.5 which SmallTree says it supports which is a contradiction to what Yasuhisa said in the first comment on this thread.  Basically, Titanium is not a device that is supported by NDMP/Netbackup. Which is odd because we were able to do a successful backup of the Titanium to tape...but we cannot restore directly on the Titanium.  

Any insight/help would be greatly apprecated :)


Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

"We mount the titanium drive to Windows and the netbackup can see the NAS" - this sounds like you are backing up files via CIFS, not via NDMP. We need detailed configuration information like screenshots or command outputs for further comment.

And, actual problem in this thread is not NDMP support of Titanium. We need config infor and logs of backup failure. Please port Job Detail of failed job, too.

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Keep in mind, NDMP is an industry protocol jointly maintained by the NAS vendors and the software vendors.  As stated above, Smalltree or Titanium does not appear in the Compatibility List.

Also, 6.5.5 is not a good place to be as it is very old and no longer supported without an exception agreement.
Is your policy type 'NDMP' and, if yes, does 'tpautoconf -verify [nas host name] return correctly?

Steve Murphy
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