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NDMP Differential Backup on NetApp

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 5 comments


i make backups from a netapp filer FAS2040 , NetApp Release 8.1.2 7 .

I make one full backup in 4 weeks, and one differential backup per day. The full backup has 6 TB on size.

The differential backup has on the day after full backup 20-30 GB, but is growing day by day.

On the end of month i have sometimes one terabytes of data in a differential backup for one day. This is not possible.

I use netbackup server 6.5.4. on solaris 10. I use ndmp over network (not direct write to tape).

I use NDMP also for sun/oracle open storage zfs box. Here is all ok.

Where can be the problem ?


Christian Steinborn

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RamNagalla's picture


what the schedule type.

does it defferentail incrmental bakups or cumulative incrmental backups..

it looks like its the Cumulative incrmental backups... if that is yes.. that is the normal behaiver of the type.

ontherocks's picture

Better go for Differential incremental backups

and if possible weekly full backup


Christian Steinborn's picture


i have used differential incremental backups, not cumulative incremental.

In the moment, i can only make one backups in one month. The size of 6 TB is to big to make this every week.


Christian Steinborn

Marianne's picture

Please have a look at /etc/dumpdates on the NetApp filer. 
This file will probably tell us why the filer is interpreting the backup as Incremental instead of differential.

*** EDIT ***

Have a look at this BackupCentral discussion:

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