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NDMP direct attach data encryption

Created: 20 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

1. With direct attach of NDMP to tape library or disk, is it possible to encrypt the data?

1a. If it is possible, what is the minimum version of NDMP & Netbackup supported?

1b. If encryption is possible, who controls the encryption keys?

1c. How can this be set up?

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Please have alook on the links below.

I could not find any documents from Symantec about support of KMS and direct NDMP. But I think it may work as far as NDMP host does not deny to passthru SCSI command for encryption likeSECURITY PROTOCOL IN and SECURITY PROTOCOL OUT. NDMP version is not matter.

So possible options for direct NDMP are:

  • Hardware encryption at tape drives with NetBackup KMS. NetBackup KMS was released in 6.5.2.
  • Hardware encryption at tape drives with vendor's Key Management System.
  • Encryption appliance like Decru placed in middle of data path in SAN

For steps to configure NetBackup KMS, please check "Security And Encryption Guide".

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