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NDMP Library problem - NetApp FAS2040, Quantum i80, NDMP, BE2010 R2

Created: 11 Jan 2011 | 2 comments
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I'm installing a new "Backup Exec 2010 R2" x64 onto a Windows 2008 R2 x64 (VMware ESX VM) server, to be used to backup a NetApp FAS2040C system runing Data Ontap 7.3.4. At present we are using the Trial license as our current Backup Exec 12.5 is still in use on another server and the new equipment has not yet gone "live".

Both currently available hotfixes and tape device drivers have been installed.

The library Expansion option is enabled and installed.

The NDMP option is enabled and installed.

The FAS2040C has had NDMP enabled(v4) and credentials tested.

Each FAS2040 controller can see 1 x LTO 5 drive through the FC connection, one head can also see the library as it shares the control path with the drive.

The Tape library is a new Quantum Scalar i80 with 2 x LTO 5 FC drives. The drives are individually and directly connected to each of the FAS2040C' controller heads 0a fibre ports. On the i80 a single partition has been created containing the 2 x LTO 5 FC drives.

When I add the NDMP storage servers within BE2010R2, the library and both drives are shown - one shows as standalone (HP 0001), the other (HP 0002) appears under the library, however there is also a device shown as "MISSING 0001".

Going into the "Configure Tape Devices" wizard should be where this can be fixed, however when moving the standalone drive onto the missing device under the library they simply swap position.

Can someone confirm whether this is a bug and should work ok, I'm sure I've seen this same configuration used on other sites with previous versions of BE.



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Hi Mark!

Have yout got any positive results yet?

I have the same configuration as you - except that the library is an SL500 from STK and the storage is not from netapp but an oracle zfs appliance 7310 with NDMPv4-support too..

but the problems/symptoms are the same ;)

i start believing this kind of configuration ist just NOT supported..and that you/me have to buy a FC-switch to be able to zone the robotic-unit itself to both the media-server AND the filer..

i haven't got a clear answear from symantec yet..

but yeah..if you've got updates please don't hesitate sharing it with us..


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i still don't think that sharing a Tape Library is supported without a switch and appropriate zoning.

in the configuration mentioned above, we just added a switch and zoned the Robotic Unit to the media server AND the NDMP-storage..and voila, its working..

due to the fact that the S/N is the same from both "libraries" (robotic units) which backup exec gets presented now (1x via FC & 1x via NDMP) it knows that it is in fact one library..