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NDMP restore failed

Created: 22 Jul 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all,

I started a restore of a NAS volume from NDMP backup to another volume on the same NAS, but the restore job failed after running 9.5 hours.  The restore job's log shows it "aborting operation - no mover progress"

Has anyone seen this error before?

Here is the restore job log:

17:06:05 (3280705.001) Restoring from image created March 7, 2009 6:00:22 AM
17:06:07 (3280705.001) INF - If Media id N12345 is not in a robotic library administrative interaction may be required to satisfy this mount request.
17:06:10 (3280705.001) INF - Waiting for mount of media id N12345 on server nbu_master for reading.
17:06:49 (3280705.001) INF - Waiting for positioning of media id N12345 on server nbu_master for reading.
17:06:50 (3280705.001) INF - Beginning restore from server nbu_master to client nas_filer_02.
17:06:51 (3280705.001) INF - Restoring NDMP files from /vol/v_cifs_02/ to /vol/temp_v_cifs_02
17:06:52 (3280705.001) DAR disabled by host parameters
17:06:52 (3280705.001) Attempting normal restore.
17:06:53 (3280705.001) Restoring / to /vol/temp_v_cifs_02/
02:30:51 (3280705.001) aborting operation - no mover progress
02:30:52 (3280705.001) NDMP restore failed from path /vol/v_cifs_02
02:31:02 (3280705.001) Status of restore from image created March 7, 2009 6:00:22 AM = the restore failed to recover the requested files

02:31:03 ( INF - Status = the restore failed to recover the requested files.

nbu_master is the NetBackup Master server, and the "NetBackup for NDMP server" (aka "NDMP client".)
nas_filer_02 is the NAS filer (NetApp) and the "NDMP host"
/vol/v_cifs_02 is the original volume in the backup
/vol/temp_v_cifs_02 is the destination volume for the restore
NetBackup version is 6.5.3 throughput the environment.

Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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ndmpd log and the syslog in NAS box, with proper debug logging level set, will show detail of the error, I think.


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Your restoreing from




From an NDMP Filer you cant backup / so you cant restore from it.. are you sure your source path is correct?

Best of Luck,


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My coworker found the answer -

NDMP may timeout for large volumes with a bptm log message of "aborting backup - no mover progress".

See these two NetBackup Technotes:

"Some Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) operations (such as a non-Direct Access Recovery (DAR) restore) may take a long time. The default Veritas NetBackup (tm) behavior is an 8-hour timeout value when waiting for NDMP operations to complete. It is possible to modify this timeout value by creating the NDMP_PROGRESS_TIMEOUT file on the NetBackup media server. "

Even though the 1st document was really old and written for NBU 3.2, the touch file NDMP_PROGRESS_TIMEOUT is still valid for NBU 6.5.  Apparently NBU 6.5 has default 8-hour timed out value so my previous restore failed after running 9.5 hours.

I added that file and configured it with 1440 minutes as the documents suggested, and the restore jobs was successful!  No more time-out/aborting!