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NDMP restore - Folder appears, but no files in it.

Created: 19 Jan 2013 • Updated: 28 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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Netbackup, Windows 2008 R2 Master server

Hello all,

I'm seeing something that I cant explain with my restores lately. I'm performing an NDMP restore, and when I select the path for the restore, and add the desired folder name onto the end of the path in the BAR, the restore will complete with a successful status. I'll go back to verify, and I can see that the folder was created (so permissions must not be an issue), but the needed file never shows up in the folder. This is especially frustrating with NDMP since it takes 2 to 3 hours just to restore a single small excel spreadsheet.  

Ive checked the bprd log to see if that might be helpful, but since I've been doing multiple restores today, there seems to be hundreds upon hundreds of lines of restorefile logs, and I cant really see the tree for the forest. I'm not even sure if that might show me what I need, since the restore folder is acually being created....just no restored files in it.

Anyone experienced this before? The Google's arent helping me much with this one.

Thanks all.


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RamNagalla's picture

Did you find the Files in BAR window, which you wnat to restore?

could you show us the scrren shots of your file selection and restore?

when you trigger the restore from Master server or Java GUI you will have a restore log avaliable in

Installpath/veritas/netabckup/logs/user_ops/<userid>logs/<restore file.log>

please provide the restore log for this job.

sazz.'s picture

You are redirecting the restore so make sure you are restoring it to same NDMP device. Also you could look for the NDMP logs on the filer itself for the reason for it. Check if you have enough space on the filer and you are putting  the correct path while restoring(it might be case sensitive).

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The account I was using to view the files, did not have rights to do so. So, it was a permisisons issues, but not one that was stopping Netbackup from actually restoring the data. The account I was using to try to view the restored data did not have rights to view the data, because when NDMP was creating the new folder, it was not adopting the parent folder permissions. I just changed the folder permissions to match the parent folder, and all was well.