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NDMP Restore getting hung

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 8 comments


the backup which was duplicated from one media server is not able restore from other media server

Master OS -- > Solaris 10, NBU

Media ( where the backups duplicated ) server -- > 6.5.6, SUSE Linux 10

Media ( from Where we are trying to restore) server -- > 6.5.6, SUSE Linux 10

Restore is not progressing anything ... its not going to media server

 media ZXXXXX required,02/07/13 10:52:38 - restoring image YYYYY_1357302655,02/07/13 10:52:39 - Info bprd(pid=3499) Restoring from copy 2 of image created Fri Jan 04 18:00:55 2013,02/07/13 19:25:38 - connecting,02/07/13 19:25:38 - connected; connect time: 000:00:00,02/07/13 19:25:39 - started process bptm....

its strucking here..

Can someone please help me..

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go to host properties for the master server ---> general servers ---> Media host override ---> add...

in that mention the source and the destination media server..

and try the restoration... once the restoration is done, remove  the setting that has been done...

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Thanks for the information Rakesh!

I already have that settings but no luck :(

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Please check if the other media server can 'talk' to ndmp data mover, I think this command should have helped to check it:

tpconfig -ddnh

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Communication from both the media server is very fine..

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Check your bprd logs in master server, look for something similar in this technote:

Probably a MPX issue...

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I agree with watsons:

Check your bprd log in master server

bprd log on master will also tell us if FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER entry was found and if restore process was handed down to correct media server.

From there we can go to relevant media server and check bpbrm and bptm logs.

If bprd log on master server does not exist, please create the folder and restart NBU to enable the log.
Also ensure that bpbrm and bptm log folders exist on media server.
Retry the restore and check logs.

PS: PLEASE schedule upgrade of media servers as a matter of urgency.

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Thank you Watsons and Marianne!

this could be checked, will check and update you

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Symantec support has given EEB, wfter installing it restore is progressing but its failing with fatal NB media database error

Restore started 02/07/2013 19:26:19

19:26:22 ( Restore job id 1500793 will require 1 image.
19:26:22 ( Media id XXXXXX is needed for the restore.

19:26:26 (1500793.001) Restoring from copy 2 of image created Fri Jan 04 18:00:55 2013
19:26:30 (1500793.001) INF - If Media id XXXXXX is not in a robotic library administrative interaction may be required to satisfy this mount request.
19:26:33 (1500793.001) INF - Waiting for mount of media id XXXXXX on server ms1 for reading.
19:27:35 (1500793.001) INF - Waiting for positioning of media id XXXXXX on server ms1 for reading.
19:29:28 (1500793.001) INF - Beginning restore from server ms1 to client netapp1.
19:29:30 (1500793.001) NDMP restore failed from path UNKNOWN
19:29:30 (1500793.001) Status of restore from copy 2 of image created Fri Jan 04 18:00:55 2013 = fatal NB media database error

19:29:30 ( INF - Status = Restore error.

Thank you