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NDMP restore issues

Created: 15 Aug 2012 | 10 comments
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Hi All,

I'm Having AIX master server running with 6.5 nbu version. Im trying to perform a ndmp restore but it is failing continuosly. I have selected right source and destinations even then it is failing. kindly suggest what we can do for this.

NDMP protocol version : 4

Restore started 08/15/2012 14:14:04
14:14:24 ( Media id 114210 is needed for the restore.
14:14:24 (561825.001) Restoring from image created Wed Aug  8 20:19:55 PST 2012
14:15:02 (561825.001) INF - If Media id 114210 is not in a robotic library administrative interaction may be required to satisfy this mount request.
14:15:09 (561825.001) INF - Waiting for mount of media id 114210 on server for reading.
14:15:49 (561825.001) INF - Waiting for positioning of media id 114210 on server for reading.
14:16:53 (561825.001) INF - Beginning restore from server to client
14:17:00 (561825.001) INF - Restoring NDMP files from /vol/DLR_vol59/DLR_Finance/DLR-Finance/Invacct/_Merch/RECONS/WDW Merch Recons/FY12/July FY12/133025 Recon/WDW- 133025-All-July FY12.xlsx to [See line below]
14:17:06 (561825.001) INF - Restoring NDMP files from [See line above] to /vol/DLR_vol59/DLR_Finance/DLR-Finance/Invacct/_Merch/RECONS/WDW Merch Recons/FY12/July FY12/133025 Recon/Restore
14:17:12 (561825.001) DAR disabled by host parameters
14:17:17 (561825.001) Attempting normal restore.
14:18:59 (561825.001) NDMP restore failed from path /vol/DLR_vol59/.snapshot/nightly.0
14:20:18 (561825.001) Status of restore from image created Wed Aug  8 20:19:55 PST 2012 = the restore failed to recover the requested files
14:20:39 ( INF - Status = the restore failed to recover the requested files.

Please also tell me what does greyed out portion in the snapshot signifies.

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Are you attempting to restore from a snapshot? (wait, i can see that you are)

What are the parameters of the backup policy? Can you post that here?

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Hi Tim,

I dont think we are performing any kind of snapshot things because in the policy attributes. Snapshot options are checked out. I have posted my policy prop in the attachments below. Thanks in advance :)

ndmp1.jpg ndmp2.jpg
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when i try to restore to original location.Restore is working fine.. but im not able to restore this to different locations

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What are you restoring to?

- If it's to a '.snapshot' then it won't work as that's read-only

- If to a different filer is it the same make/OS?

As far as the 'greyed out portion' that you were querying in the OP - this signifies something that cannot be restored, but may contain something that can:

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Hi Andy,

Restore is to the same filer.when im trying to create a new folder through restoring the data . Restore fails with 5.

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Sounds like you need to create the 'Restore' folder manually before actually trying to restore to it.

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

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We tried doing that andy.. but it dint help. Not sure if it's permission issue

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Can you observe any error in the output of following command?

vxlogview -p NB -o ndmpagent -b '08/15/2012 14:10:00 PM' -e ''08/15/2012 14:10:00 PM" -e "08/15/2012 14:25:00 PM"

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Accidentally i enabled DR option and it worked out :) ... thnx guys!!

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DR option?

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way