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NDMP, SLP and De-Duplication Introduction

Created: 10 Nov 2013 • Updated: 10 Nov 2013 | 7 comments
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Hi All,

Please let me know when below features got added in Veritas Netbackup starting from which NBU version.



De-Duplication :



Operating Systems:

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NDMP: since the beginning of time (that would be NBU 3.x or something alike).

SLP: NBU 6.x

De-duplication: 7.0

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To be exact - SLPs were introduced in NBU 6.5.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Thanks Nicolai & Marianne,

Please let me know how can get more information about SLP & De-duplication.

I did not find any guide for SLP, but I got one for De-duplication. Let me know if any other source from where I can the basis info and troubleshooting steps.



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I recommend the SLP best practice manual - I was the right document for me when I started working whit SLP. Have fun reading :-)

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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You would need to 1st configure an SLP with your desired operations and then use the SLP in a policy - specifying the SLP as the storage unit for the policy.

For SLP related logs:

If the duplication jobs do not come up in the activity monitor you would need to check if the SLP is active or not. If the SLP is active you would need to check if the nbstserv process is running. If yes then you would need to enable the nbstserv logs (OID 226)

If the duplications jobs come in the activity monitor and then fail with an error code you would need the "admin logs" to troubleshoot the bpduplicate process or other relevant logs.

For basics of SLPs you may refer to the Netbackup Admin Guide Vol 1 Chapter 14

NetBackup Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume I

NetBackup Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux, Volume I

You may also take a look at the below video which shows how to create an SLP

For quick commands related to SLP you can refer to the SLP cheat sheet found in the following link

The SLP cheat sheet covers most of the details related to SLPs including the logs required as well as the commands to check the SLP state or modify SLPs.

And last but not the least the SLP best practices guide will cover all other aspects including managing backlogs, tuning the SLPs using the LIFECYCLE_PARAMETERS file, etc.

NetBackup 7.5 Best Practice - Using Storage Lifecycle Policies

Best practices for using Storage Lifecycle Policies and Auto Image Replication in NetBackup 7.1

Best practices for configuring NetBackup with Storage Lifecycle Policies

Hope this helps you...

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Thanks Amol for you such an helpful explain.

Nicolai, I'l check the best practice you shared with me. thanks

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Could please help me on how to restore the file with the extended attribute file from tape backup. I tried to run the restoration but it is skipped silently and the job is considered successful but no file has restore.

please appreciated your help