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NDMP: SMTAPE backups & slowness

Created: 28 Dec 2012 | 1 comment


I found the normal NDMP backups were slow so I switched to NDMP - SMTAPE backups to speed things up.  That didn't happen because they were slower.  I thought backing up 40 million files on NetApp using smtape would be better.  The normal NDMP backups ran about 20,000 KB/s the smtape version runs about 12-14,000 KB/s.  Media servers have no performance issues as they are not fully utilised and  everything is on a 10Gb/s IP network.

The only thing I have left to play with is SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_NDMP buffer size.  Currently on the default which is close to the maximium according to

  • Would decreasing the  buffer size would help, given that it is a 10Gb network?
  • In NetApp can NDMP be throttled?  The NetApp admins may have throttling turned on
  • Is there anything better than this to test NetApp by doing a dump to /dev/null by runing something like

         dump 0f null /vol/vol0

    This test the speed of a dump but not NDMP to /dev/null  

Thanks for your assistance

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Found this thread - backup utility is not Netbackup but issues is the same :

You will need to work together with the Netapp admin to tune backup. Slow NDMP backup is a issues that  regular show up on Connect. Try searching some of the old threads - you may find a clue or two.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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