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NDMP of thin provisioned data generates TAPEALERTs

Created: 19 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

Thats the way it looks at least.

Newly implemented stunit on filer, I backup a thin lun and it gets upset in different ways:


Warning bptm (pid=12238) TapeAlert Code: 0x27, Type: Warning, Flag: DIAGNOSTICS REQ., from drive IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4


TapeAlert Code: 0x37, Type: Critical, Flag: LOADING FAILURE, from drive IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4...

Im sure its data related, these drives are otherwise fine. When the backup runs you see the job sit there and having done the data, it sits for some minutes dealing with the sparsity it seems...the KB/sec gradually decreases and at end of job it spits out a tapealert message.

The jobs complete wih code 0.

Drives are lto4, filer is netapp 8.x.y, under netbackup 7504 solaris master..

Firmware, or a tweak possibly? 

Your input appreciated.


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Those sure look like hardware errors to me. 

39 Diagnostics Required W The tape drive may have a fault. Check for availability of diagnostic information and run extended diagnostics if applicable. The drive may have had a failure which may be identified by stored diagnostic information or by running extended diagnostics (eg Send Diagnostic)

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1) Run drive diagnostics in tape library and see whether the tape drive is faulty

2) Upgrade tape firmware and download latest external mapping file for NBU and load into EMM.