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Need assistance in configuring Storage Lifecycle Policy in a backup environment

Created: 03 Oct 2012

Need assistance in configuring SLP in the environment. Now all cross site duplications happen in PD appliance and VTLs using Vault. So, in case of failures we need to track and manually retrigger those. To avoid that specially for monthly backup which need to de duplicated to tape for higher retention need to implement SLP. Daily and Weekly backups duplicated cross site and only monthly backup duplicated to cross site as well as tape.

Master Server NB Version :

OS : Windows 2003 R2 Standard 64 bit

4 FT Media Servers : 2 each in 2 sites

6 VStorage Backup Host Media Servers : 3 each in 2 sites

2 Media servers are for LPAR Backup using staging disk : 1 in each site

6 Robots : 4 are connected to master server. 2 are for Tape Drives having 6 drives each; 2 are for VTL having 20 drives configured in each. 1 tape drive and 1 VTL is configured in each site.

Apart from that we have N5000 Appliance : 1 in each site, N5020 Appliance : 2 in each site and 1 PD each site newly configured.

Please let me know how to configure the SLP specially now 1st for Monthly Full Backups ? What will be the steps need to follow ? Do we have any docs with steps to follow.

Many Thanks