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can everyone help me? 

I have five servers and one of it I install backup exec as a backup server. I have a tanbergdata tape library and an IBM DS3512 as a disk storage. All connected via IBM SAN Switch. 

the backup server can backup it self, but cannot access and backup other servers although with agent for windows server are installed. the IBM storage working as an addtional disk volume to each server. so that volume will be backup to tape.

please help me? thank you 

do I need additional license?

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You have already installed the remote agents on the other clients.  Are you licensed for those?  You would need to purchase a license for EACH client you want to backup.  It's not terribly expensive, a few hundred dollars US per client for a standard RAWS agent.

In that config, all traffic goes over the LAN to the BE server, then over the SAN to tape or disk.

If you want all traffic to go over the SAN, that will be a more expensive and complicated configuration.  Let's face it, a SAN is expensive, thus Symantec charges a premium to use that...  You'll need additional BE server licenses, SSO and CASO.  

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

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hi teiva,

yes i did install the agent and its all licenced. i ask my sofware vendor to provide me backup exec with my condition of server and storage farm. but i'm not sure if i already registered all.

many thank for reply..

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...Enterprise Server Option includes SAN SSO and CASO...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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what does it mean? 

sorry cause i'm new with this...

thank you

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SSO is only needed when you are sharing the tape drive which is connected to the SAN.  Since you have only 1 media server.  This is not required.  Likewise, CASO is only needed if you have more than 1 media server.  Hence you don't need CASO.

If you have installed the RAWS licences and enabled them, then you should elaborate on what is the error that you encounter when you try to access the other servers.  Check the following

1) on the remote server, check that the remote agent service is running
2) open the remote agent utility and make sure that it is publishing correctly to the media server
3) make sure that you can ping from the media server to the remote server and vice-versa
4) make sure that there is no firewall blocking port 10000
5) on the remote server, check that there are no other applications using port 10000.
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i do what you suggest me and all are running and also no port are blocking. all server can communicate each other.

i can add server to BE server and create backup job and the data was accessible. but when the proses run, the process stuck on just waiting que. for two days i wait and still no process.

i wonder if there is additional license from ms windows 2008?

thank you for reply

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Check the outstanding alerts and see whether there are any alerts that you need to respond to.

There is no additional licence for Server 2008 other than the RAWS licence.