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Need Backup Exec server to support tape loader in VM 2008 R2 OS or Windows Server 2012 physical machine.

Created: 07 Apr 2014 | 5 comments

I am sure this question has been asked many times before but was wondering if there is an update yet!!!

I have a multi tape changer "quantum scalar i40" and I need this to work with Backup Exec 2012. I have one physical machine that runs server 2012 R2 and the rest of the machines are mixed 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, virtualised in vmware esxi 5.1 hosts.

I know I can install backup exec 2012 on a virtual machine (server 2008 R2) but the tape loader shows as a single tape and I don't get to see all the slots. Is there a way to make this work so it shows all the tape slots?? (this would be my preferred method.)

Alternatively, is it possible to install backup exec 2012 on a physical Server 2012 R2?? If not,  is there a expected date when this would be supported. Server 2012 has been out for two years now and it’s very disappointing that Symantec still does not support this L

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Just as you are describing there are all kinds of issues attempting to running an attatched tape drive to a virtual media server and this in fact is an unsupported configuration.  

and no, it is not possible to install Backup Exec on Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2 but this is quickly approaching as described here:

CraigV's picture need to configure SCSI pass-through, and while this does work (and is still unsupported) it will give you grey hairs troubleshooting it when things go wrong.

Also, the later versions of VMware no longer support SCSI pass-through.


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Come on Symantec, keep up with the rest of the world!!!! I think is quite a let down for all the customers having to wait for two years to get a compatible version!! No wonder there is so many upset customers!!

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...they are. See the first post with the links. For anything else, Google it and see the backlash around BE 2012 and what it resulted in for Symantec as a company. This is all catch-up as a result of that.


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BE 2014 which is due to be released in the middle of the year will support the loading of BE onto Server 2012 R2