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In need of a backup solution ASAP

Created: 06 Mar 2014 • Updated: 06 Mar 2014 | 8 comments
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Hi how are you?

I tried calling Enterprise Customer Care but no luck for some reason, and the Home Customer Care cannot get me a solution.

Issue - I am urgently in need of a backup solution for a company which needs to be able to do the following/will be doing 

- The backup solution will run every night doing the 'full' type backup

- Be able to back up at least 1.5TB within 12 hours or before/in the early hours of the the next business day

- Be able to back up SQL (via the agent) so it must integrate with SQL (back will run regardless what/where SQL is up to

- Be able to restore single files from the backup image

Information - 

Currently no backup is running so if something were to happen, data is gone.

The server is a HP DL380 G2 that has a Smart Array P400 controller

Can you guys reccomend a product that can satisfy the above?

Thank you

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pkh's picture

BE can do all the above.  However do note that BE does not do image backeups.  It does file level backups.

Whether your backup can complete winthin your backup window depends on a lot of factors, e.g. network contention, speed of media, CPU, etc.  Nobody will be able to guarantee that your requirement can be met without actually doing a backup.

Michael_Huang's picture

Hi pkh thanks for the reply. Just making sure I understand correctly...image backup is pretty much a snap shot everytime back runs right? and File level backup is a backup of files/folders and whatever you want to backup right?...

Yeah the time frame thing is just a bonus/ideal. I think what is more important is the data that gets backedup and also that backup of live SQL..

Thanks for your input.

pkh's picture

BE does a snapshot before backing up the files/folders.

By image backup, I mean disk imaging like what Ghost does.  BE does not do disk imaging.

BE has a SQL agent that does backup and restore live SQL databases.

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Hi, Sorry for the double post, but I am looking at Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition vs Backup Exec 2012, there are a couple of features Small Business Edition lacks, other than that, the prices are the per server.

Is this correct?

Also under the only SQL related information I see is, 'Granular recovery of Microsoft® Exchange, SQL®, Active Directory®, and SharePoint® applications on virtual and physical servers'

That is under 'Recovery'. I am assuming because it is under should be able to back it up right

Thanks again

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BE SBE is not missing any features.  There are restrictions like you would not be able to add Agents for Applications and Databases licence.  Hence you would not be able to back up more than 1 machine with SQL Server databases.

That section refers to the situation when you use Hyper-V and backup the Hyper-V VM's.  You can restore individual items from the VM backups.

Michael_Huang's picture

Hi phk,

Thanks for the information. I have passed it on and we are now currently looking at Back up Exec.

Thank you.

BackupDawg's picture

If you are able to. get the DEDupe option as well, very useful.


pkh's picture

BE SBE does not allow you to add the dedup option which is part of ESO