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Need a Backup/Recovery Recommendation

Created: 18 Aug 2012 • Updated: 18 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I have a client with multiple servers contemplating upgrading to new servers or replacing with VMWare.

I would like to provide a cost/benefit analysis of backup/recovery of physical servers as opposed to virtual servers.  For this is I will need to provide a detailed list of a backup solution app and agents required to back up 6 servers to a tape autoloader.  It is a Windows 2008 AD network with an Exchange server, SQL server, and an IIS server as well as file/print sharing servers.  With the different apps available such as Netbackup, Sysytem Recovery, and Backup Exec, I am not sure which app would be the most efficient for fast bare-metal recovery as well as granular recovery of SQL/Exchange.  I estimate approximately 1.5 Tb of data will be backed up initially.

My experience with backups is pretty extensive, but luckily very little with restores.  I am weary to recomend a solution which will ultimately not provide a fast recovery as my client provides Emergency Response services and needs to be up and running with little down time.

Any help in recommending an app plus the agents required as well as some feedbackup on recovery using the same apps would be most helpful.

Thank you in advance

Uval Lubarsky

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BE can do GRT restores of Exchange, SQL databases and AD objects.  It is also capable of bare metal restoration with SDR.

SSR may be faster when it comes to bare metal restores because it does image-based backups, but I think  it does not do GRT restores of applications, like Exchange, etc.

As for licencing, you would need a core BE licence for the media server, a AVVI/Hyper-V licence for each of the VM host and an agent for applications and databases licence for each instance of an application like Exchange, SQL databases, etc.  This licence is on a per application per machine basis.  For more licencing information, see

2012 Portfolio Licensing Guide

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Wonderful, thank you fopr the quick response.

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One last question, in looking through the Admin guide for BE, it mentions that each remote machine must have the Agent for Windows installed as a requirement for SDR.  So this would be in addition to the Application and Database Agents, correct?