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Need Clear Answer about Exchange Server Archiving Expiry

Created: 13 Mar 2013 • Updated: 19 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

The manuals are not very clear about the Exchange archive expiry.

I found this about Storage Expiry for FSA on page 146 of the Setting up File System Archiving document:

About scheduling storage expiry for FSA

When an item's retention period expires, File System Archiving can automatically

delete it. File System Archiving does this according to the schedule that you define

with the Administration Console, on the Storage Expiry tab of the site Properties

dialog box.

File System Archiving does not delete archived items when either of the following

conditions applies:

■ On the "Storage Expiry" tab of the site Properties dialog box, the schedule is

set to "Never" or you have checked "Run in report mode".

■ On the "Advanced" tab of the Archive Properties dialog box, "Delete expired

items from this archive automatically" is unchecked.

If this is true about FSA, is it not also true about Exchange Archiving? If Storage Expiry is configured and scheduled on the site, expired Exchange items would be deleted UNLESS that specific archive has the "Delete expired items from this archive automatically" option unchecked?

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Hiya, the same principles apply to Mailbox archives expiry as well. As you have stated already if the archive is excluded from expiry then none of its items will be expired. Additionally if any of the items have been placed on LegalHold then they will be excluded from expiry until the hold is removed. Expiry is based on the Retention Category period and then whether that's been configured based on the Archived Date or the Modified Date of the Item.

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Thanks for the clarification. Please ask the document editors to make a section within the Exchange Archiving document similar to the FSA explanation.

We actually have an open Symantec case on this particular issues and what that technician is telling us contradicts what you and our EV consultant have told us.

This Symantec tech stated:

"The option unchecked will avaiod automatic deletion of expired items when there the not enough storage space for the archives to be stored. "

When asked over the phone for clarification, he was telling us that this option is only for automatic deletions that take place due to storage running out of space. And if we had Storage Expiry configured and scheduled on the site level, it still affects everyone's archives regardless of this option.

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EV doesn't actually have any mechanism to delete items out of storage based on too much data being consumed, what will happen is if you dont have partition roll overs set up, it will just consume all space and shut down if you ignore all the warnings about space being too low.

The check box on the archives is fairly self explanatory
"Delete Expired Items From This Archive Automatically"

If you click the Help button there

Storage Expiry (Applies to Mailbox and Journal Archives)

Delete Expired items from this archive automatically
Select this to allow storage expiry to delete items from this archive when their Retention Periods expire.
Note that storage expiry does not run unless you set a schedule for it on the Storage Expiry tab of Site Properties

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Alex:  I thought it was fairly self-explanatory myself, however, like I said, I have a Symantec employee working on my case that is trying to tell me otherwise.