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Need to do cross OS platform restoration i.e form AIX to windows

Created: 02 May 2013 | 4 comments

Hi All,

Need to do cross OS platform restoration i.e form AIX to windows is this possible ?

Environment info -

Master NBU -

Source client

PC-x64, WindowsVista



RS6000, AIX5



Operating Systems:
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It is possible - redirect and change path (from /tmp to c:\temp etc.)

It is however unsupported and there is no guarantee that the restored data will be of any use to you.

The other issue is that Windows does not take note of case so ABC.txt will be the same as abc.txt as far as Windows is concerned so may over write files as it goes along

Hope this helps

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Or restore files to a UNIX box and use Filezilla to copy files to a Windos box.

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This has been discussed several times in old threads.. not exactly same OS but similar:

Just bear in mind don't call up support if your restore does not work - because it is NOT supported :)