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Need Help: Altiris 6.0.6074 SP3+R7

Created: 24 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

I hope this is the right place.... If not and someone knows where I can go please let me know.

We use Altiris 6.0.6074  SP3+R7 for our sales force backup.  My issue is the system does not seem to be deleting old snap shots after they expire.

This task if I read correctly runs after everything else and if there is not enough space it will never run.

I have 4 disk drives setup from our SAN, each 100GB.  I currently have 43.7GB left on disk1 and the others are full.  Snap shots are still running, however I have old snap shots that are almost a year old.  I was looking for the SQL command or a way in Altiris console to run the cleanup task to recover the space.  Forgive me on my limited knowledge of Altiris, I was thrown in to be the admin.  I am trying to keep this running as next year we will be replacing this with the latest Altiris replacement from Symantec.

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Deleting snapshots does not necessarily delete backed up files from Recovery Solution. The snapshot is simply a list of files backed up @ a specific time & date. When the Server Space Management Job (SSM) runs it will remove the list information for each snapshot based upon your settings. By default the snapshot information is kept for 30 days. However the system will not delete any files from the blob files if the file still physically exists on a client machine.

I would check the server jobs setting in your cluster configuration to make sure you've got the SSM job scheduled to run regularily. I would also recommend that you upgrade  your environment as R7 was released 4 year ago. You didn't specify which version of RS you are running, so I can only assume its 6.2 SP1 or SP2 which are no longer supported by Symantec.