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Need help creating daily & weekend jobs in BUE 2012

Created: 22 Oct 2013 • Updated: 23 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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I apologize in advance for being such a dullard.

We recently started migrating from BUE 12.5 to BUE 2012 and on the first server had to do a complete new install instead of an upgrade, requiring me to create the jobs again from scratch. The ways jobs are created & scheduled has changed to the extent that I haven't been able to get them to run correctly.

I had two jobs set up in BUE 12.5.

The first ran daily M-F and was a full back up of one server. It was set to overwrite any media it encountered.

The second ran Sat & Sun and was an incremental back up of the same server using the tape I'd put in Friday morning. It was set to append to the tape and cancel the job if there wasn't enough room for the append.

Will someone please help me recreate this in the newer version?



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First you need to see and understand the differences between the versions of 12.5 for 2012 in the following lik

Now use this link to help you in creating the backup job

Hope this helps



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Go to the Backup and Restore tab and click on the Add Job button. You would get a scheduled job with a full backup job and an incremental job. Click on the Edit button on the right hand pane. You can now go to schedule and use the weekly occurrence to set the schedule you want for both the full and incremental backups. You can go to storage and specify the tape overwrite and append

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Thank you both! I created the job yesterday and it ran correctly last night. I'll find out Sunday if the weekend incremental ran as it should.