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Need help creating a Filter based on software Publisher

Created: 21 Feb 2013 • Updated: 25 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Can someone instruct more, or point me in the right direction, with creating a filter based on a software Publisher?  I would like to creat a filter that displays all computers that have the (Publisher) software toolbar installed. 

Any assistance would be greatly appriciated. smiley

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Sumit G,

Thanks for the reply!  I've already seen most of the threads within the links you posted.  I've also watched the "creating dynamic filter" video but it doesn't help me with my quest to create a filter based on a software publisher.  I've tried playing around with a couple of the examples from the forum but I'm getting the error: "There was an error in the callback." when I put the query into the new filter that I'm trying to create.  The hardest part is I'm not familiar with SQL so its difficult for me to even guess what needs to be changed or added.

Thanks again for your help!  smiley

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Here is some SQL to search by company name...

SELECT iss._ResourceGuid, ci.Name, sci.Guid, sci.Name AS Software, company.Name AS Company

FROM vRM_Software_Component_Item sci
JOIN Inv_InstalledSoftware iss
   ON iss._SoftwareComponentGuid = sci.[Guid]
JOIN vRM_Computer_Item ci
   ON ci.Guid = iss._ResourceGuid
JOIN (SELECT ra.ParentResourceGuid, rc.Name
      FROM RM_ResourceCompany rc
      JOIN ResourceAssociation ra
         ON rc.Guid = ra.ChildResourceGuid
         AND ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '292dbd81-1526-423a-ae6d-f44eb46c5b16'
      WHERE LOWER(rc.Name) LIKE '%company_name_here_in_all_lower_case%') company
  ON company.ParentResourceGuid = sci.Guid

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Thank you so much...this is awesome!!!!  smileyyes

This is basically exactly what I was looking for.  I was no where even close trying to figure out the SQL code on my own.  laugh